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Medicare Supplements

Group & Individual Plans

Tired of searching for health insurance on your own? Call or email me and I will give you one-on-one assistance in choosing the Group or Individual health plan that is best for you and your family.  I offer group and individual plans with numerous carriers.

Confused about your Medicare Insurance Options? We can help! Call today for a free consultation! 

Original Medicare covers many of your health care needs. It works with private companies approved by Medicare that provide different ways to get your health care and prescription drug coverage in the Medicare Program. Your Medicare plan choices include:

The Original Medicare Plan and Medicare Supplement –  The Original Medicare Plan pays for many health care services and supplies, but it doesn’t pay all of your health care costs. There are costs that you must pay, like coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.  A Medicare Supplement policy covers these gaps in Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans: 
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO),
Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
Private Fee-for-Service Plans
Medicare Special Needs Plans
Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans (MSA)

These plans may cover more services and have lower out-of-pocket costs than the Original Medicare Plan. Some plans cover prescription drugs. In some plans, like HMOs, you may only be able to see certain doctors or go to certain hospitals to get covered services.

Prescription Drug Plans – These stand-alone plans add prescription drug coverage to the Original Medicare Plan, some Medicare Cost Plans, some Medicare Private Fee-for-Service Plans and Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans.

 Ali Rud is not connected with the Federal Medicare program. This is an advertisement for insurance. I understand that by contacting the number listed, I will be speaking to a licensed insurance agent.     Form #MS9-2012.

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